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"If the school finder saves you from applying to one unnecessary school then it pays for itself."

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"I’m happy to say I got accepted to my number 2 school!"

Thanks to your CRNA spreadsheet I was able to narrow down the exact schools I wanted to go to. I was able to prepare properly, and I’m happy to say I got accepted to my number 2 school! I’m interviewing at my number 1 in two weeks so my fingers are crossed. Thank you for all your help!

Darian Lupton,

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CRNA School Finder: Find your school in minutes

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Free Monthly Updates: Regular Updates of the school finder as changes are made to programs.

Save 40+ hours of research

Know your odds of acceptance

Quickly see which cities you'd want to live in while in school

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Having this figured out in a matter of hours was such a HUGE relief!

I bought the School Finder because I did not want to spend endless hours researching all the schools, and I am willing to relocate for the right one. I instantly used the database, and after a few hours and discussing with my husband, I had figured out the school I wanted that fit my needs.

Bridget Williford,